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Elpress is one of world's leaders in industrial hygiene products. Based in Holland, the company has operated in this field of business for over 35 years, and offers complete proprietary solutions. The Elpress main products lines include systems designed for the personal hygiene and disinfection of employees, cleaning and industrial washing, and industrial waste management.

 Elpress products are ergonomic, functional, and high-quality. The company has a wide assortment of equipment accessories and can also provide spare replacement components. The majority of Elpress products have sensors and computer-controlled functions which will optimise the expenditure of energy, water and chemical substances.
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Based in the Northern part of Spain, the Ulma Group of international companies is one of the largest manufacturers of industrial equipment. Ulma has been active in the market for more than fifty years, with innovation and the creation of added value products being its top priorities.


Ulma Group consists of eight strategic business units engaged in designing and manufacturing modular constructions, industrial lifters, greenhouse equipment, pipes, conveyor parts, packaging equipment, and products for logistics and construction engineering. The company offers reliable, high-quality, and safe solutions for a variety of industrial applications which are targeted at meeting customer requirements.

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Cool it is Germany's leading manufacturer of door systems. For over 25 years, the company has been manufacturing technologically advanced door systems which are used not only in food manufacturing and storage equipment, but also in other devices with high technical requirements. The company's products are designed for the most demanding conditions and requirements including: high hygiene standards, mechanical durability, closure tightness, reliability, and heat resistance or the ability to contain heat. Various models are available, including doors on hinges, sliding doors and two-way opening doors. Customers may choose from a variety of colours and surface coatings. All Cool it products are manufactured using high-quality materials and modern technologies.

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An international company with offices in more than 60 countries, Nergeco has been specialising for 30 years in the manufacturing of doors and door systems for various industrial applications. Its products are known for their high level of opening and closing safety, excellent performance, durability, and extremely low energy costs. Nergeco products are compatible with standard and non-standard industrial processes. The company’s large range of products includes washable, anti-corrosive, airtight and even additionally insulated doors for use in manufacturing facilities, garages, and storage facilities – and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. Standard or specialised door and gate automation solutions are also available. Nergeco is constantly innovating its products to ensure a level of quality level that meets the requirements of the global market, and for its most demanding customers, Nergeco offers individualised solutions.


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